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Finding beautiful items to brighten up your home can be hard to find. A lot of times, we forget about hand blown glass and how beautiful it is and how much it can accomplish for a space. This month at the Silver Fox Gallery, an art gallery in Hendersonville, NC all hand blown glass pieces are 20% off!

Big or small, for the table or for the wall, hand blown glass is endless. Each of our artists here use different unique techniques to accomplish their works of art.

Local artist, Victor Chiarizia, uses a variety of colors in his pieces. Since 1975 he has explored many facets of glass making. His sculptural works express his thoughts about life, growth and renewal in art glass comprised of two distinctive techniques- hot glass and flame worked glass with vitreous fired-on enamels. Profound images from Chiarizia's Italian- American background coupled with a boundless imagination give an earthy yet surreal style to much of his sculptural work. Our favorites by him are his swans. They are so elegant and have a beautiful movement in them. Because of the height, these are perfect for the difficult spaces in your home. Something I like about Victor is on the side, he also makes his own cheese and bourbon! Yum!

Aside from that, his blown glass is absolutely breathtaking.

Another one of my favorite hand blown glass artist is Melanie Leppla. She creatures beautiful cairns and lanterns. The cairns, born of glass in heat and light, capture a brief moment in time when the elements are in balance. Each unique composition represents accomplishments, knowledge an d experience gained, difficulties overcome and guidance for pathways yet to be traveled. We tend to display these in the window because when the light shines through, they are transparent and stunning. The shapes of these are all a little bit different but will fill the smaller spaces in your home.

Come on down to the Silver Fox Gallery and see these beautiful pieces, along with our other very talented hand blown glass artists!

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