Interior Design Tips for your Bathroom! By Kayla Beavers

In today’s world the bathroom isn’t just a place where you do your business and leave. The bathroom is now a retreat, a place for relaxation and pampering. When it comes to making selections for your bathrooms, consider details like metal finishes. These seemingly small details can make or break a good design. Plumbing fixture, cabinet hardware, and lighting fixture finishes can match or complement each other. Metal finishes can also be mixed, don’t be scared to do so! For instance, you may choose to have chrome plumbing and brushed nickel lighting, which are very complementary, or can also mix metal finishes even further, but doing so is heavily dependent on the overall design of the space… the bigger picture. You will want to avoid mixing bronze tones with silver tones unless you have something unique in the design to pull this off. It may be that you have a great tile design that pulls in various colors. You may have a bold painted or stained cabinet that would warrant a high contrast with metal cabinet pulls, adversely your cabinet pull finish could just blend into the cabinet finish itself. Generally speaking, if you are wary of mixing metals you can ease yourself into it by using these guidelines: bronze and gold tones work well together and most silver tones complement each other just fine, ie. chrome and nickel. Black works well with any silver or gold finish. You never really want to mix black and bronze unless the bronze is very dark and could easily pass as black. Contact Interior Designer Kayla Beavers at the Silver Fox Gallery and Interiors, a furniture store in Hendersonville to see the potential your bathroom has for becoming a relaxing space in which to live.

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