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Bedrooms………to sleep or not to sleep

When you think about a bedroom you might not think it needs to look like anything special as you are in there most of the time with your eyes closed, hopefully for your

full 8 hours your body requires. Your bedroom serves as a function of somewhere to sleep and store you clothing you need for your everyday life. So, whatever your need for the space you have whether a larger room or a small room for guest, your essential items are bed and bedding, and a bit of storage depending on the size of the closet in

your space. But you do relax in this room awake as well by either reading or watching television, it is your private sanctuary to relax and enjoy the end of your day.

Not only do you have a bed in your bedroom, you also have storage for your clothing and maybe a nice chair or bench if there is room. Soft goods are important to balance with case goods, nice lighting for reading and brighter lighting for when you are cleaning and changing bedding. Wood floors with an area rug for warmth under your bare feet, or wall to wall carpet are usually found in most bedrooms.

Beyond the function of space, you will need a balance of colors in bedding and art that are soothing for your eyes when you are in your space and it flows from the rest of your home design to this room. For example, if you have greys and blues in your home you don’t want to do your bedroom in orange, as well as style of any space if you have a traditional styled house and wares, you wouldn’t want to create a space that is too contemporary for the house.

The important thing to remember is just to do your room in layers, from the rug to window treatments and light fixtures, the art and soft goods. It’s important to remember that multiple parts that make a great room. You need one great piece of furniture (the bed) and a supporting cast of other material that pull it all together so when you walk in the room you eye bounces from one item to the next instead of focusing on ONE specific item, this balance creates a space that is warm and comfortable.

If you need assistance with a design that would best fit your home and your personality, please feel free to call us for assistance as we can help you pull this room together to look it’s best for you and your family.

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