Light up Your Bedroom!


Your bedroom, the place where you start and end your day. The room where you prepare for the day and relax, escape, and renew yourself afterwards. Such an important space should be accompanied by customized lighting. Whether it is recessed can lighting or a central fixture or fan with a light, you can customize this lighting by adding a wall dimmer that provides the opportunity to have a bright well-lit space to get ready in, or a dim environment to relax by. Thoughtfully placed can lights or table lamps by the bed and a floor lamp in the corner can provide both ambient and task lighting when needed. These lamps can also be dimmed by a 3-way switch or a table-top or floor dimmer, both of which are easy additions.

Bedroom closet lighting is very important. Recessed can lighting with LED bulbs can provide an even distribution of lighting when placed correctly. Recessed cans can also be placed on a wall dimmer if desired. If recessed lighting isn’t an option, you can add a centrally located LED cloud fixture or two, depending on the size of the closet. The LED lighting provides a nice crisp light. The higher the CRI, or color rendering index, the easier it will be for you to determine which socks are black and which are navy. This also correlates with the Kelvin temperature, or the color of the light, that is emitted from the fixture. The higher the kelvin, the closer to true daylight color the LED is. A good LED closet light or bulb will have a CRI of 80-90+ and a kelvin of 3000-3500+. Don’t go too high on the kelvin though, or you will feel like you are in a doctor's office!

Contact Interior Designer Kayla Beavers today to learn how you can revamp your bedroom and lighting to be customized just for you! You can also stop by Silver Fox Gallery, a furniture store in Hendersonville for more information.


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