Interior Design Tips by Carol!

There are many words that can define the front open room of your home, I grew up

calling it a foyer as that is what my parents called it, they were very English and proper so the French won in my household. Others might just call it the entryway, but a foyer is an important part of the home for me as it’s a place to create your first impression for guest that come to your home. It should be designed in a way that let’s your company know who you are. The personality of the owner should be represented here. From the art on the walls to the furnishings, lighting and flooring material all pull together to create your statement to your guest.

This is a place for some of your favorite pieces of paintings, sculptures, and lighting which will show off your style. From wood or tile floors, stairways, furniture pieces and your lighting fixtures this room should come all together to create a space that defines beauty and elegance of your personality and sets the tone of the rest of the homes décor.

Your front door is a part of the design as the color will flow into the rest of the home. This foyer doesn’t have much room for art as the closets and windows take up the space for those items, in situations like this it’s about the textures and colors. That tile floor makes you feel like you are outside with all the windows and the textured rug gives it a softness that is welcoming.

Your foyer should be your statement so please feel free to make it YOU!

If you need any help with this room, please call us at Silver Fox Gallery & Interiors and let one of our seasoned interior designers consult with you to help you create this space or any other space in your home. We welcome the challenge!

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