Light up Your Kitchen!


Where do you and your family spend the most time inside your home? For a lot of families, the answer is the kitchen. Food is prepared, homework is completed and dinner is served; all tasks that need proper lighting. In the kitchen there should be 3 main layers of lighting: ambient, task, and accent.

Ambient lighting includes the general lighting in the room provided by a main central fixture, like a linear ceiling fluorescent, or better yet recessed cans. Recessed cans help provide even lighting throughout the space. This is best accomplished by utilizing at least 6” diameter cans with dimmable LED bulbs. For sloped ceiling applications you can utilize sloped recessed can housings so the bulb is directed straight down at the floor. The trims used on the recessed cans should be a step baffle style that will help reduce glare at the ceiling.

Task lighting in the kitchen is more involved. If you have an Island or peninsula this is most likely a heavy prep area. Down light pendants provide a direct blast of light to the counter top which provides great lighting for preparing meals or completing homework. Hubbardton Forge, a hand-crafted lighting company in Vermont, has many great down light pendant options. The Pental Mini Pendant is available in 8 different metal finishes and would be a great task lighting solution for many kitchens.

Under Cabinet lighting also provides great task light on surrounding counter tops. LED tape light or box fixtures are currently the best and most popular under cabinet lighting solution. Purchasing the brightest option and placing them on a dimmer is a great idea, as this keeps things versatile in your space. You can also install tape light on the top of your wall cabinets, under the toe kick, or inside glass front cabinets to provide accent lighting. Accent lighting enhances the design of your kitchen and can be used alone as a night light or simply as an enhancive feature.

Recessed can lighting placement is very important to functional lighting design in your kitchen as well as proper use and installation of various types of task lighting. Consult with an Interior Designer today at The Silver Fox Gallery, a furniture store in downtown Hendersonville, NC to learn more about how to properly light your kitchen. Together, we can create a functional and beautiful space in which to live by.


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