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It’s about that time of year; summer break is coming to an end and school is starting once more. It’s the time of year for early morning wake-ups and dragging your kids out of bed. Mornings, especially for a busy family, can be stressful; especially for those of us who can’t even move without our caffeine first thing in the morning. What better way to try and enjoy those hectic mornings than enjoying your freshly made coffee in a hand-crafted American made mug from one of our amazing and talented potters? Sounds pretty great, right? Well, this month all of our pottery is 20% off! To celebrate this, featured in the window are just a few of our wonderful potters that are showcased here at the Silver Fox Gallery.

Displayed in our window is potter Cathy Broski. Broski’s work is steeped in archetypal and personal symbolism. Figures, houses, boats and pottery are all vessels to contain meaningful items, and sometimes those that we would cast off. Broski loves the idea of found objects because of their wear and the marks of their journey. Some of Broski’s best selling pieces are the sweet Journey Boats she creates. The two birds on either side of the boat can be symbolic of a couple’s journey through the sea of life together. These special and unique little pieces make great wedding and anniversary gifts. Broski also constructs the cute and whimsical dog sculptures you’ll see featured on our coffee table. These little guys are full of personality and are great gifts for any dog lover. Whether it is you or someone you know, these pups are sure to bring happiness to your home.

The ceramic pieces we have hanging are created by potter Rhonda Cearlock. Cearlock creates rich, textured, organic, contemporary wall reliefs. All of her experiences with clay, firing techniques, molds, and textures come together in these works. Cearlock begins by playing with the placement of the various shapes and textures of the elements she has created, never knowing just how the piece will evolve. These works are full of thought provoking, hidden messages and ideals; making them great conversation pieces for any home.

The pottery you’ll see imprinted with the marks of maple leaves is created by potter, Travis Berning. In looking at Berning’s pottery, one can almost feel his life coming through in every facet of his art. The leaf images on the pieces reflect his connection to and love for the natural world. This ideal that is instilled within his work makes him a great component to the rest of our potters we have featured in the gallery. Not only are each and every one of his pieces beautiful, he is also one of the select local artists we have featured. The combination of the maple leaf, his gorgeous glaze options, and being a local to Henderson County makes his work a great option for anyone looking for a gift created by someone local who truly captures the essence of our quaint town.

As you can see, we have a great variety of extremely talented artists for you to choose from. Come on down and pick up some amazing pottery at a great deal. Our sale lasts through the whole month of August. We hope to see you soon!

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