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Summer is all about enjoying the outdoors with barbecues, gardening, or just sitting on your front porch enjoying lemonade and a view. But when it gets too hot you might want to step inside and enjoy your home and the air controlled environment. You might miss some of that view and gardens, so you should create your home interior to be like the outdoors in colors, textures and wood tones.

Windows help with that and if you don’t have a large window with an awesome view, then adorn that wall space with some landscape art work whether it’s a John Smith

Or an oil on canvas by Suzanne Wilkins:

Art on the walls, rugs on the floors the colors you use in your furnishings should all be some color that can be found in nature………blues in the right tones, reds, oranges play a part, but the more earth tones such as Greys, Greens, and other neutrals set the back drop for those accent colors. So use them in the same undertones otherwise you will have too much contrast. If you need help with this please feel free to contact us here at the Silver Fox Galley and we can make sure your home is balanced in the right colors.

Starting at your front door is the curb appeal for your house and those colors should continue inside to your interior. If you have a red door, an accent of red in your home is a nice touch, or Black, Plum, etc. You get the picture of the outside coming in?

For instance if you have a Grey front door and nothing inside in the grey tones, it’s almost a shock to your eyes and if you want to avoid that, go with a neutral palate all the way around and then your walls can pop with the art on the walls, and textures of your wood floors, and walls will balance it all.

So enjoy the summer with so many activities such as kids camps, vacations, entertaining with friends and enjoying the warm air and sunshine.

I heard this song today by Bob Segar and it reminded me of how fast time goes, and this summer will coming into autumn soon enough….so enjoy!

I awoke last night to the sound of thunder

How far off I sat and wondered

Started humming a song from 1962

Ain't it funny how the night moves

When you just don't seem to have as much to lose

Strange how the night moves

With autumn closing in

Come see us at the Silver Fox Gallery in Hendersonville, where we have a lot of activities going on. We have our Art Opening with John Smith, Suzanne Wilkins and Wendy Whitson on Friday, August 4th with wine and cheese you won’t want to miss the new works of these artists and a fun evening with our Staff.

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