Interior Design Tips by Carol, for the Office

What would you do without a space to pay your bills, answer your emails, house your laptop, or work on your financials? Every home, whether it has a designated space, requires this type of work. You might end up housing your laptop at the kitchen island or you might end up at the sofa at the end of a work day with the rest of the family. We live in a technical world, much more so than what I grew up with where I set up a desk in my bedroom. My point is that we all need a designated space for this so we can focus on it and get it done. This way we can spend more time with our family and friends.

Ideally if you have a room you can do this in and can schedule yourself a time each week to get your work done, it seems to make it more enjoyable and not so overwhelming. If you don’t have an extra room, you could possibly have a corner in a bedroom or the main living area that could double as a workspace. Office spaces can be a cluttered space, so it is important that everything has a home, including the laptop and printer. So get off that sofa, and find your corner, if you need help with this give me a call and I will give you some time at your home to help you find that space that will work for your requirements.

Things needed for this are a table top, whether it’s a desk height or counter height to stand up at, a storage unit for the paper work you might have along with pens, printers, calculators, and other office essentials. After all, your home is a business that is ran by you, everyone has an income that needs to be budgeted.

Here at the Silver Fox Gallery we have the top of the line of case goods, Simply Amish. You get to custom pick your wood, stain and hardware and can even customize the sizing you need. They have a Build Your Own Desk program, so the options are limitless! They also have storage cabinets that can house printers, file drawers, books, and pens. We can’t forget the most import part, a comfortable chair to sit in! We can help you find everything to make sure it is just right.

If you are not on our email list or like us on Facebook, please do so you can see the sales we have each month. June is geared toward your favorite male role models so you can come in a find a gift for that special father figure, a watch, a clock, or even a hand crafted pen. I look forward to meeting you!

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