Product of the Month (June)

The Silver Fox Gallery is proud to carry products that are handmade in America! Our products of the month are clocks, watches, and pens! All of which are creative and unique.

Steven Bronstein, blacksmith and owner of the well-known Vermont shop, Blackthorne Forge creates some of the most beautiful hand forged clocks at a very reasonable price! With his immense talent, he is able to turn iron into a very simple yet sophisticated table clock. He also creates a variety of other beautiful pieces. Back in late march, his studio burned to the ground in a freak accident. Thankfully, no one was injured. We are so saddened by this and are looking forward to his reopening so we can continue to order more of his beautiful work. If you would like to help in any way please click on the link,

HessCraft is a family owned business that creates unique pens that anyone is sure to love. This father son duo is an interesting one. While the father is the engineer and designer of the pens, the son hand makes all of the pens and with the sales of each pen, he is able to go to college. They have pens with standard wood all the way to a pen with a circuit board on the outside; they call this the “steampunk” pen. All of our pens would make a great Father’s Day gift!

WatchCraft, the watches that I call “jewelry that tells time” are some of the most beautiful, unique pieces of art you will ever see! Each watch is limited edition and each face is hand painted. You are bound to find the right watch for you; with different metals, colors, styles, shapes, and personalities. We can also adjust each watch to fit you just right!

Leonie Lacouette is an amazing artist who has answered every question I have ever had concerning clocks. For over 25 years, she has been perfecting the balance between concepts and influences that to others may seem like opposites. Her clocks are the most unique, but oh so beautiful. Every clock is handmade in New York and Leonie will always stand behind her clocks. With a mixture of solid wood and metals, you are sure to find a clock that will fit your space!

All of our handmade pieces here at the Silver Fox Gallery, located on Main St. in Hendersonville, NC have a story. Come on down to see for yourself!

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