Illuminating your Living Space, by Kayla Beavers

Ah, the Living Room, a relaxing environment to share with your family and guests. Maybe you are watching TV, reading, playing a rowdy game of Charades or a simple board game. All of these tasks require different levels of lighting.

Recessed can lighting is still very widely used, and rightfully so. Recessed lighting provides general lighting to fill any space. This is the type of lighting you need for that game of charades or board game. For functionality, it is best to have recessed lights on a dimmer. LED bulbs provide a great bright light from your cans and they don’t heat up the room like traditional incandescent bulbs do. You can dim your cans down to a low light level for watching TV, or you can turn those cans off and use a few table or floor lamps to create a dim setting.

Task lighting in the living room is an important type of light to have when tasks such as reading or completing puzzles occur. Reading lamps with adjustable arms are available in table and floor versions, making integrating this type of lighting into your living space simple. There are also wall hung reading lamp options available for more stationary applications.

Alternatively, you can turn on your main decorative ceiling fixture to achieve a similar lighting level. Ceiling height plays a large factor into the type of decorative fixture you can have in your space. If you have a low ceiling height, about 8’ to 10’, you will need to use a flush or semi-flush fixture. Larger ceiling heights allow you to hang impressive chandeliers like this one from Hubbardton Forge, you can see more fixtures from this American hand forged company at Silver Fox Gallery, a furniture store in WNC offering Interior Design in Hendersonville! Visit us today and speak to one of our Interior Designers, we can help you create functional spaces in which to live.

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