Interior Design Tips by Carol, for the Living Room

Whether your living room is called a great room, den, keeping room, or the family room; it’s usually a space in today’s architecture that is the main room we hang out in as a family. You might watch television in this room, or sometimes it is a bit more formal with just seating for a nice conversation with guests. No matter what you do, this is the room that is important for you to feel good in, which means you want your own signature of design on it.

This room will usually have upholstered furniture, wood furniture, metal furniture, art and accessories that make you and your family smile when they are hanging out and relaxing after a long work day, or gathered to watch the Saturday night family movie.

The trends for this year are for more simple curved lines, not too many hard edges, and not too oversized for the room. Neutral palettes are still popular with your pops of color in an area rug, pillow or throw. These products need to all “play well in the sandbox”. You don’t want to do too much matching furniture as it looks dull and uninteresting. We at the Silver Fox Gallery have interior designers on staff to help you create a space that is uniquely YOURS.

The colors for this year are still a nice warm grey, a tan or cream color, with accent colors to fit your personality. If you are the creative social type you might lean more towards the bolder colors of dusky blues, spicy reds, or lime greens. If you are more composed you are going to lean more towards earthy colors such as greens and taupe’s. A comfortable personality will be drawn to the more pale colors of pinks, blues, and yellows. The introvert will be making their first debut with color and stick to the more muted colors.

We have all of these choices here at the Silver Fox Gallery in Downtown Hendersonville, located on North Main Street. For a small family owned furniture and art store, we are one of the most unique ones in WNC! If you are having trouble pulling it all together we are here to help, stop on by!

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